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What causes an Ischemic Stroke

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The most common type of stroke is the ischemic stroke. It involves the constriction of the blood supply to the brain, which reduces the oxygen that gets to the brain cells. A cerebral infarction may occur from a burst or leaking blood vessel or a blocked artery.

Cerebral infarctions are caused by different types of diseases. A common problem of the condition is the restricting of the arteries in the head or neck. This reaction usually occurs from gradual cholesterol deposition or atherosclerosis.

If the arteries become too restricted, then blood cells can accumulate and form blood clots. Blood clots can dislodge and get trapped within the arteries that are close to the brain. They can also block arteries within the vicinity.

Coagulation in the heart is another cause. This condition can be the result of irregular heartbeat, deformities of the heart valves or a heart attack. These conditions are the most common types of cerebral infarctions, but there are other causes. Examples are blood clotting disorders, traumatic injury to the blood vessels in the neck and street drugs.

A number of factors can cause a cerebral infarction. Thrombosis is a common form of the condition. It happens when a blood clot cuts off or restricts the blood flow to the brain. This condition can take time and build up gradually, which slowly decreases blood flow.

An attentive medical physician can detect the early signs of thrombotic stroke and take the steps to prevent it. A number of diseases and conditions cause blood clots to form in different sizes. They can be large and small. Some patients take blood thinners as a precaution to stop blood clots from forming.

Embolism is another event that causes an ischemic stroke. It happens when a piece of debris or blood clot breaks off and enter the blood stream, which results in blocking the blood flow. A cerebral infarction bought on by embolism occurs very rapidly. It is also important to determine the origination of the embolism to prevent another stroke.

Embolism is normally caused by blood clots, but chunks of matter are another cause. Chunk of matters may consist of cancerous cells, bacteria, plaque from infectious arteries, fat and broken bone marrow. Heart related incidents are another culprit and reduces blood flow to all parts to the body.

A cerebrovascular accident (CVA) affects children and people of all ages. Many people who have cerebral infarctions are between the ages of 60 and older. The risk of a CVA also increases with age.What causes an Ischemic Stroke

African Americans are the most common ethnic group affected by this condition. There are also more women than men being diagnosed with having strokes each year. Patients who usually develop a cerebral infarction have other health problems. These health problems put them at a higher risk of having a stroke. Example conditions are heart disease, hypertension, diabetes or smoking.

The best treatment is prevention. Unhealthy habits and certain diseases increase chance of having a CVA. It is important to have a doctor check for high blood pressure because patients usually do not experience symptoms. Living a healthy lifestyle and regular doctor visits are ways to prevent or catch an ischemic stroke in the early stages.